Risk Assessment

Club activities are risk assessed prior to being held.  

Health and Safety officer

A committee member is appointed Health and Satefy Officer for all Club events.  A First Aid kit is kept in the Commentary box. 

Ambulance and Rescue Guernsey - Your safety

Riding is a high risk sport.  The Club strongly advises that any member joining the club should subscribe to the St John Ambulance and Rescue Service annual ambulance service.  The reason for this is to avoid unnecessary delay and confusion in the event that a member requires an ambulance and uncertainty arises as to whether the casualty is able to pay for such a call out.  Go to Useful links for connection to the subscription form.

Procedures and practice

The Club adheres to the requirements of the British Riding Clubs' rules for the provision of events and facilities.  Risk assessment of all events is documented by the event organiser.

Child protection

The Club has a Child Protection Officer and follows the British Equestrian Federation protection policy and duty of care guidelines.  for further details please follow the link to the BEF website at 

First Aid provision - equine

An equine first aid kit is kept in the Commentary box.  However use is at the discretion and risk of the user and the Club takes npo responsibility for it in any other respect.

First Aid provision - human

St John Ambulance Ambulance and Rescue and volunteers provide first aid cover for our events. For hunter trials and eventing there is 4 wheel drive and paramediccover.  Other events are covered by St John volunteers with ambulance attendance.  Where Paramedic cover is a required the cost of this is built in to the entry fee for the event.  The Club makes a donation to St John Ambulance for the provision of other volunteer services throughout the year.