A-Z of resident and visiting equine professionals


Names, qualifications and contact details for equine professionals are being added to this page. A full A-Z will be built over the coming weeks - this list is not yet complete.


Jo Taylor: MSc, equine / canine McTimoney practitioner - www.jotaylor.gg 

Colin Nelmes: MC MIPC AMC, equine / canine / human McTimoney practitioner - book via Carolyn on 07781 434967 or 236897

Clipping, Plaiting and other Horse Care

The Horse Genie (Alex Tielles (nee Leslie)) (resident): www.facebook.com/thehorsegenie/ 

Cat Sauvarin (resident): www.facebook.com/catherine.sauvarin 

Sam Rihoy (resident): BHS Stages 1,2&3 - www.facebook.com/samsequineservice/ or 07781 100061

The Horse Nanny (Teresa Allez) (resident): www.facebook.com/tallez1teresa@cwgsy.net or 07781 190481


Anna Beck: - www.facebook.com/annabeck.westonwarmbloods 

Brian Cassidy: - www.facebook.com/brian.cassidy.5454 

Gill Liggins: BHS AI, BHS IT, UKCC level 3, British Dressage Accredited Coach - www.facebook.com/gillligginsdressage 

Helen Conlon (nee O’Mahony) (resident): BHS PT, UKCC Level 2, BHS Professional Accredited Coach www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009555450938equinemassagegsy@outlook.com or 07781 137840

Joao Charlesworth: UKCC level 3, BSJA Accredited Coach - www.facebook.com/joaocharlesworthshowjumping/ book via Paullette paullette@cwgsy.net or 07781 108584 

Kate Ferris (resident): BA Equine Studies, BHS AI - www.facebook.com/kate.roberts.9480 or 07781 165241

Lisa Butcher Torode (resident): UKCC British Showjumping Coach -  www.facebook.com/lisa.torode 

Sam Rihoy (resident): BHS Stages 1,2&3 - www.facebook.com/samsequineservice/ or 07781 100061

Sean Hope: - www.facebook.com/sean.hope.75 book via Teresa teresa@cwgsy.net or 07781 190481


Charlie Pickman: Acadamy of Equine Dentistry USA Certified Equine Dentist (CEqD), Registered and Certified with the Internatonal Association of Equine Denisits (IAED) - charliepickman@hotmail.co.uk or 07813 985416

Equine Dental Services (Toby Lee and Henry Billson): both have passed the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Equine Dental Exam and are Members of British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT): http://www.equinedentalservices.org/index.html book via jbrowning@cwgsy.net

Chris Pearce: Certificate in Equine Medicine (Internal Medicine), Certificate in Equine Surgery (SoftTissue), European Veterinary Dental College Equine Diploma, Member of British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT), Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) - by referral from Toby or Henry


Marcus Luxton (resident): DipWCF - 07781 164493, 07980 862376 or marcusluxton@gmail.com 

Thady Griffiths (resident): AFA - 07781 100604

Tom Martin (resident): DipWCF - 07781 172332 or tommo.112627@gmail.com 

Feed and Bedding

Feeds.gg (resident): http://feeds.gg/ 

Gaudions (resident): https://rhgaudion.com/animal-pet-feed/ 

Stan Brouard (resident): http://stanbrouard.com/ 

Venture Garage (resident): http://venturegarage.co.uk/pets.php 

Judges and coursebuilders

Debbie Guillou (resident): British Dressage list 5 - debbieguillou@suremail.gg, 07781 415792 or 258411

Kate Ferris (resident): Level 1 showjumping - www.facebook.com/kate.roberts.9480 or 07781 165241

Helen Dyke (resident): Level 2 showjumping - https://www.facebook.com/helen.dyke.754 

Lisa Butcher Torode (resident): Level 2 showjumping - www.facebook.com/lisa.torode 

Susie Farnon (resident): Level 2 showjumping - www.facebook.com/susie.farnon 

Roger Hughes (resident): Level 2 showjumping - www.facebook.com/roger.hughes.986 


Land Management

Kings Mills Agricultural Services (resident): flail mowing & flail hedge cutting services www.facebook.com/kingsmillsagriculturalservices

Nick Russel (resident): weed killing - www.facebook.com/Nick-russell-turf-landscaping-882612255101286/ 

Paul Penney (resident): fencing

Livery Yards

There are numerous livery options on the Island, the following facebook page is usually a good route to finding up to date information on availability: www.facebook.com/groups/107357366006006/ 


WeaverHouse (Adam Tilstone): Osteopath, member of Association of Animal Osteopaths - http://weaverhouse-equine.com/ 


Four Paws (resident): horse rug washing - www.fourpawspethotel.co.uk

Helen Walton (resident): horsewear repairs - www.facebook.com/groups/helenwalton/ 

Massage and other Therapies

Helen Conlon (nee O’Mahony) (resident) - Equissage Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapist (studying BTEC Professional Diploma in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation) -  www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009555450938equinemassagegsy@outlook.com or 07781 137840

Laura Featherstone (nee Deacon): Equine & Human Sports Massage and Reiki Master - www.facebook.com/lfmassageandhealing.co.uk/ 

Sian Staples (resident): Equine Sports Massage Therapy - https://www.facebook.com/sianstaplesequinetherapy/ 

Teresa Allez (resident): Bowen Therapistwww.facebook.com/tallez1teresa@cwgsy.net or 07781 190481

Saddle Fitters

Helen Walton (resident): SMS Trainee Saddle Fitter - www.facebook.com/groups/helenwalton/ 

Ian Hastilow: SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter, SMS Master Saddler - 

Martin Wilkinson: SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter, SMS Master Saddler - http://www.martinwilkinson.com/index.html 

Freedom saddlery (Steph Bradley): SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter, Master Saddle Fitting Consultant - http://www.freedomsaddlery.co.uk/default.html

Tack Shops

Ginny Newman's Mobile Tack Shop (resident): www.facebook.com/ginny.newman.98 

La Carriere Stables and Tack Shop (resident): www.lacarrierestables.com

Otterbourne Riding Centre (resident): www.otterbourneridingcentre.co.uk 


Isabelle Vets (resident): http://www.isabellevets.co.uk/

Les Eturs Vets (resident): http://www.vetcare.gg/LesEtursVeterinaryCentre1501.html 


GSPCA (resident): http://www.gspca.org.gg/

States Vet (David Chamberlain) (resident): https://www.facebook.com/StatesVet/www.gov.gg/article/152086/Animal-welfare